Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It's Amazing The Difference A Few Days Can Make

We have had a few great days!!
Everyday is a step nearer to healthy skin!

It's amazing how different Amy has been over the last few days.
Her skin, though still very red and sore isn't quite as red or quite as sore.
Amy has had a big smile on her face - she really does brighten the room with her smile!

Amy has even been able to get up and play with her 4 brothers and sister and their giggles fill up the house.

Amy has also made a friend, a little girl named Eden who like Amy is going through a topical steroid withdrawal, Eden is a bit further along then Amy but it is so nice for Amy to be in touch with another child near her age who knows just what she is going through.  After reading Eden's blog Amy was amazed at just how similar there skins looked. Eden's story has brought her hope and we can't thank Eden (and her mum) enough for that.

Here is Eden's story

It was seeing Eden's blog that really made me think of making one for Amy's story, in hope that just maybe Amy's journey might make the difference to someone out there to.

Amy hasn't wanted to have her photo taken for a while, however today she has let me take some for her blog and also so Eden can see her to :)
plus so we can have something to look back on and see how far she has come.

Unfortunately I don't have photos of Amy at the start of her journey to compare to now but this is Amy - 3 months into her topical steroid withdrawal.

Amy's face isn't quite as red and blotchy as it has been but her eyes are still quite puffy


Amy's legs are slowly getting better!

Amy's feet are now quite itchy and her ankles are still very sore.

Amy's wrists and hands are still very sore.

Amy normally keeps her arms covered up as she doesn't like people to see them but has been brave enough to let me share them on her blog.

Daddy was trying to make her smile when Mummy was taking the photos.

Yep it worked!!

Amy's beautiful smile that melts my heart and brightens my day!
I love you Amy and I am so very proud of how brave and strong you are xxx


  1. Amy is looking so good at 4 months ... Eden looked like hell ... and felt that way too . Even though Eden is further along I honestly think Amy might heal quicker simply because Eden used such strong creams.... either way they have each other now and can support and encourage and rant and rave and throw tantrums and vent etc etc etc if they need to ... this journey is so so so incredibly difficult. People can't begin to imagine what it feels like to have 24/7 for months to years on end ... symptoms such as itching, burning, flaking, oozing ... add to that shaking, nausea, insomnia, fatique, loss of appetite ... emotional breakdowns, tears tears tears and just when you think it's getting better then you flare again.

    We are so happy that our paths have crossed and will keep Amy, yourself and the family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Amy is so strong and brave and beautiful.

  2. Amy is such a cutie pie! Tell her I think she is a brave girl to have her photo taken for the blog. I hate taking ohotos of myself for the blog, but it helps so many people who are going through the same thing. It is also great when you start to see improvements as you will be able to see how far she has come.

    Hugs. X