Monday, 10 March 2014

Blood Test And A School Visit (just a little update)

Blood Test

The day of the blood test came all to fast for Amy, she wasn't looking forward to it and neither was I.
As always my brave young lady held it together for as long as possible but she did get very upset and has said that she won't be coming back for more!
I'm pleased to say this time we had a very caring and sympathetic lady who didn't wipe Amy's arm with the stupid alcohol wipe.
Blood test done and another week to wait for yet more results!

A Visit To The School

One of Amy's older brothers (Ian) had been away for the week on his year 6 school trip and was coming home on Friday.   We went to the school to collect Ian (plus Amy's younger sister Leanna and another one of her older brothers Toby).  Amy hasn't been to the school since before Christmas so it was so nice for her as she also got to see some of her friends and teachers.  It was so lovely for Amy to hear how much she had been missed and was also given a get well soon card, Amy has really missed her school friends and had started to think that she had been forgotten so to see her reaction at being told how much she was missed nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Amy even managed the small walk home (we only live 5 minutes from the school).  It was lovely to be out of the house as we've been pretty much stuck in other then quick family visits and appointments.  The sunshine was out and it was pretty warm, I really think the afternoon lifted her spirits and put an extra little twinkle to her smile.  Plus she was happy to have her brother back home!

It didn't take long after we got in for the effects of the day to hit Amy and she crashed out!


We are still waiting the results on the vitamin D blood test and should have the other blood test results on Friday and we're still waiting for her referral appointment too (yep we're sitting in limbo)
But ending this update on a good point...
We had a lovely weekend and Amy even managed a small trip to the park yesterday :)
Will update again soon xx


  1. Wanted to see how Amy is doing? Hope all is well :)

  2. Hi Alisa, thank you for your comment, unfortunately things are a bit all over the place here as we have discovered a large amount of swollen lymph glands throughout Amy's body (neck, groin, armpits etc). This could just be part of Amy's withdrawal but with her extremely high Eosinophil levels and various other elements her doctor (and us) are quite worried. We have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow so fingers crossed we will be able to find out what's going on and hopefully it will just result in it being due to her withdrawal. Will update again as soon as I can. Lena xx

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