Tuesday, 17 March 2015

19 Months Steroid Free!


19 Months Steroid Free!

Hello again, I hope that this post finds you well.
 I am sorry that I have not been updating but life has been ticking along amazingly!
I am so glad to say that Amy has made some amazing improvements and her life is finally getting back to some kind of normality.
Although still dry and a bit blotchy, Amy's skin is by far the best it has been.  She has lovely clear areas and that dreaded itch has eased unbelievably, it is still there but on a lighter level.
Amy hasn't had any infections since December!
She has returned back to school, though this is still part time but we are building her hours up.  I really can't praise her school enough as they have been so supportive throughout everything.
Amy can now manage short baths and quick showers - for a child that was so scared to get into water as it was so painful this was a massive achievement for her.
Unfortunately, I don't have skin progress photos to share but I promise to add some soon, however
I have added below a few up to date photos of Amy as I thought it would be nice to share just how healthy my young lady is looking :)

Amy took part in her school talent contest singing solo "Amazing Grace"
I am so proud of her as this took quite a bit of courage for Amy to stand up in front of so many people when she is still at a stage where she doesn't like too much attention.
Amy came in 3rd place, we are all so proud of her and to see her standing up on that stage singing her little heart out was so amazing especially knowing everything that my little fighter has had to endure over the last (at the time) 18 months!
Here is the video of my brave young lady singing "Amazing Grace"
Will update again soon with some skin progress photos :)


  1. Steroid free and proud! Congratulations on doing so well in the contest. You are a winner in my book. X

  2. The perfect song for an amazing little girl! Beautifully done!

  3. Love this so much!! Amazing Amy, and His Amazing Grace! :)