Friday, 10 January 2014

A Little Bit Sore

We really wanted to show some updated photos of Amy's healing, however over the last couple of days Amy has come out in spots!
These are due to a slight infection that has needed to be treated with a antibiotic cream which has been a little bit tricky to apply as Amy finds that it stings.
She has also been feeling under the weather and extra itchy but is feeling lots better today.
The spots are now improving and we will take some up to date photos once they have cleared up a little bit more.

For our own reference we did take a photo of Amy's foot & ankle as these continue to be her problem areas.  We can't wait for these areas to start getting better.

I am also looking into getting a UVB lamp to start some light therapy at home.
I will keep you posted on if and when we start using it.


  1. Poor Amy. :(

    Hope she gets a break soon. X

  2. Amazing how similar Eden's skin looks (although a lot better for the moment)... these poor little girls. At least we know they will heal.
    I read Ken Steward used Bactroban cream for his son's infections and healed within 5days... I'm going to try that with Eden (not sure if you get it in UK but perhaps via amazon or something.
    THinking about you girls

  3. Hang in there Amy! You and your family can get through the bad times and enjoy a itch-free life again later! Rooting for ya xxx ahfaye