Monday, 6 January 2014


Christmas is always a fun time in our house.
This year we may have done a few things different but we had a wonderful family day.

We were up nice and early like every Christmas with 6 very excited children
Although Amy wasn't jumping up and down like the others as she couldn't get out of bed until she had been creamed.
Her siblings all waited patiently for me to cream Amy, loosening her dry tight skin so that she could get out of bed.
(This an every day routine as Amy's skin becomes extremely dry and tight through the night, she is unable to move out of her bed until she has been creamed all over, head to toe.)

Then our Christmas day started with lots of squealing, giggling and general happiness.
Our day was lovely and pretty much problem free.
Amy did get itchy from time to time but as a whole she had a fab day.
Unfortunately Santa didn't manage to deliver her magic cream but she did get some special presents.

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