Monday, 6 January 2014

Amy Has A Bath!!

My little girl never ceases to amaze me!
On the 30th December Amy had a doctors appointment booked for the late afternoon.
She was due to have a shower, which is something both Amy and I dread.
Amy because she finds this painful and has become very scared of the water and me because I hate putting her through it as I know it causes her so much discomfort.
Before Amy has a shower I always ask if she'd like to try a bath, last time we tried was ages ago and she got in only to jump straight back out to the intense pain the water caused.  Her last proper bath was probably nearly 5 months ago!

Amy surprised me this time when she said that she would like to try a bath again.
We ran the bath with warm water, not to high and Amy got in.
At first she complained of it stinging her feet but slowly the stinging eased, she was so brave to give it a try and to give the water a chance to sooth.
Slowly she lowered herself further into the bath, each time having to work through the initial stinging sensation.
Eventually Amy was fully in the bath, laying down and giggling.
Her itching stopped for a short time and the water soothed her.
Unfortunately it didn't last and the dreaded tingling started in her feet and she needed to get back out.
After gently drying and moisturising her she was bouncing and dancing around the house singing "I feel so much better".  I really could have cried at that point.  She was even looking forward to her next bath.

I'm so proud of Amy, she continues to be so brave and positive.

Later that day we went to her doctors appointment.
I explained that I wasn't happy with how we had been treated by the dermatologist and the GP was great.  She has given us another urgent referral to see another dermatologist.  We have to wait for the appointment to come through and to be honest I'm not going to hold my breath that will get very far with this one but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Due to a lump in Amy's neck that has been there for the last few months the GP wants Amy to have an ultrasound scan.  I don't think this is anything to worry about but it's still there nagging at my brain, just another thing to add to our list of concerns.

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