Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Fun

I had a meeting with the school to discuss Amy.
I can't praise the school enough with how supportive they have been.
Amy has had to have so much time off I was expecting to have a battle but how wrong I was.

It would have been lovely for Amy to have made it back to school for all the fun things December has to offer, from Christmas plays, Christmas parties and Christmas dinner but sadly this wasn't meant to be.

Although Amy missed out on these things we tried to recreate them as best we could
We had our own little Christmas dinner and party playing games and Amy won most of them.

The biggest thing that Amy was sad to miss was her school Christingle. It should have been Amy with her class friends holding the candles, an event that all the year 3 children look forward to, however Amy wouldn't be able to take part.
I went along to the school to watch, 2 of Amy's brothers were also in the Christingle.
Amy's Nana came and sat with her and did some fun activities whilst I was gone.
It was a beautiful service and as always my boys made me very proud, but it was also very emotional.  I found it very hard to hold back the tears when Amy's class came in holding their candles, knowing that she should have been doing this too.

Amy's Christingle

We always try and make sure that Amy takes part at home in whatever she is missing out on at one form or another.
The school provided Amy with everything she needed to make her own Christingle candle at home and Amy was able to share this on her class blog on the last day of term.

Later that evening Amy lit her candle as her 4 big brothers and younger sister sang the Christingle song and we all watched her with her biggest smile.
Ready to look forward to Christmas.

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